"Weighed in today at 206, down from 230!  I needed a simple program due to having 2 special needs kids and a full time job.  

                                  Christina M.

"Linda, I just wanted you to know that this plan is really working for me.  I've already lost almost 3 pounds.  For me that's kind of unbelievable.  I usually don't lose the weight that quickly."
                                 Vivian S. 

"Linda loves healthy food and supports me in my efforts to eat healthier, and have the natural energy to exercise and feel centered.  She is a teacher and cheerleader."

                                   K. Stevens 

"I feel so empowered by all of the information Linda provided.  I feel more energetic and healthy.  The changes I have made are small but have had a huge impact on my daily regiment."
                                  Jenny W.

"You learn things you never realized were important about staying healthy.  Great easy tips that will help you and your family live a healthy lifestyle.  It was great.  You should do it!"

                                    Karen F. 

 "...makes you think about what you are eating, why you are eating it and when you are eating it!  Enjoyed the recipes too - gives you a new way/idea to think about meal times."

                                   Melissa U.